On 18 November the Andrews Government announced the withdrawal of $25 million funding for Shanghai Electric's plans to export brown coal briquettes to China as fuel for a power station.

However, there are still two more new brown coal projects planned to go ahead under Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program, chasing $50m of taxpayer money.

If these project go ahead we could see the start of a coal industry boom in Victoria. That could see new export ports built on fragile wetland environments next to Wilsons Prom or Phillip Island, and carbon pollution exported around the world.

With your support of $5 a month we'll be pushing the Andrews Government to:

  • Withdraw funding from the two remaining brown coal projects seeking taxpayer funds
  • Rule out any new coal development in Victoria
  • Fund a transition plan for communities that will be affected by the necessary phase-out of coal power stations, starting with the $75 million that was made available to coal companies in the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program.

And we'll keep fighting for our environment in Victoria wherever it's threatened. Thank you for a supporting a cleaner, healthier and safer future for us all.